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Do a good job in poverty alleviation.

Since China introduced reform and opening up in late 1978, it has made significant economic and social progresses. Great achievements have been made in the improvement of overall standards of living, and several hundred million people have been lifted out of poverty, accounting for more than 70 percent of the world's total during the same period. China is in the primary stage of socialism, and the country has a large population with regions varying in development levels. Therefore, there are large numbers of people who are still living a hard life. There is a long way to go to fulfill the mission of poverty alleviation.

By the threshold of an annual net income of RMB 2,300 per capita, China still had 82.49 million rural residents living in poverty at the end of 2013, but by the criteria set by the World Bank, its rural population living in poverty exceeded 200 million.

Starting in 2014, October 17th of each year has been set as Poverty Alleviation Day in the country. China will allocate more resources for poverty relief, mobilize all sectors of society, and further alleviate poverty through development, so as to lift those in difficulty out of poverty as quickly as possible. It will also take steady steps to ensure them access to adequate food and clothing, compulsory education, and basic medical services and housing.