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1. 坚持科学发展. 和谐发展. 和平发展

Pursue scientific, harmonious and peaceful development

2. 全面落实科学发展观

Fully apply (put into practice) the Scientific Outlook (Thinking) on Development

3. 中央财政2003—2006年超收较多

The central government revenue exceeded targets by a fair amount for the years 2003 through 2006.

4. 避免经济增长由偏快转为过热

Prevent rapid economic growth from becoming overheated

5. 整顿小煤矿取得了阶段性成果

Major progress has been made in the current stage of our efforts to bring order to small coalmines.

6. 实事求是

Pursue a realistic and pragmatic approach

7. 解放思想

Free our minds

8. 电视覆盖从行政村向自然村延伸

TV coverage extends from incorporated villages to unincorporated villages.

9. 不搞一刀切

without imposing a single solution

10. 保证人民的知情权﹑参与权﹑表达权和监督权

Ensure people's right to know, to participate, to express and to supervise.

11. 加强支农. 惠农政策

Strengthen the policy of supporting agriculture and benefiting farmers

12. 单位

Organizations and institutions

13. 走和平发展道路,既是外交,也是内政,因而,要统筹国内国际两个大局。

The path of peaceful development has both external and domestic dimensions. Thus, we must bear closely in mind our overall interests, both internal and external.

14. 这种世界文明的多样性是不以人们主观意志为转移的客观存在。

Like it or not, the diversity of civilizations is a reality.

15. 对外宣传工作

conduct public diplomacy programs

16. 解决民生问题

to improve people's well-being

17. “召远在修近,闭祸在除怨。”

“To win distant friends, one needs, first of all, to have good relations with his neighbors. To avoid adversity, one needs to ease animosity.”

18. 我的脑子里充满了忧患。

I am preoccupied with pressing challenges.

19. 到……挂职

to take up provisional post in

20. 非政府组织 / 民间组织 / 群众组织 / 人民团体

NGOs / civil society / people's organizations / civic organizations

21. 巡视员


22. 调研员


23. 主任科员

principal staff

24. 副主任科员

senior staff

25. 科员

staff member

26. 编内职工

permanent staff

27. 中编办

Central Staffing Department

28. 编制人数

staff size

29. 国家行政编制

government staff status

30. 事业编制

staffing of government affiliated institutions

31. 党政正职领导干部

chief Party and government officials