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名山大川famous mountains and great rivers

名胜古迹scenic spots and historical sites

湖光山色landscape of lakes and hills

青山绿水green hills and clear waters

奇松怪石strangely-shaped pines and grotesque rock formations

平等互利equality and mutual benefit

扬长避短play up strengths and avoid weaknesses

反腐倡廉fight corruption and build a clean government

简政放权streamline administration and institute decentralization

集思广益draw on collective wisdom and absorb all useful ideas

国泰民安the country flourish and the people live in peace and harmony

政通人和the government functions well and people cooperate well

国计民生national welfare and the people’s livelihood

辞旧迎新bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new

徇私舞弊bend the law for personal gain and engage in fraud

流连忘返linger on with no thought of leaving for home

国际局势复杂多变the complex and volatile international situation

开拓进取blaze new trails and forge ahead

求同存异seek common ground while shelving differences


减员增效downsize (and cut payroll) to improve efficiency (for efficiency)

退耕还林return cultivated land to forest or pastures

集资办学raise money to set up new schools

结党营私form cliques for private gain

扭亏为盈turn a loss-making enterprise into a profitable one


寓教于乐teach through lively activities

因材施教teach students according to their aptitude

按劳分配distribution according to performance

以商养文support/sponsor cultural activities with the profits from doing business