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广袤无垠的中华大地the boundless expanse of the Chinese territory

高瞻远瞩的决策a visionary/far-sighted decision

贯彻落实重大决策carry out/implement a series of major policy decisions

层峦叠嶂peaks rising one after another

优胜劣汰survival of the fittest

延年益寿prolong one’s life

灵丹妙药panacea/miraculous cure

长治久安a long period of stability


审时度势size up the trend of events

招商引资attract investment


功在当代,利在千秋in the interest of the current and future generations

继往开来,承前启后(continue the past and open up the future) break new ground for the future

路遥知马力,日久见人心Time will tell.

吃的苦中苦,方知甜中甜no sweet without sweat

车到山前必有路,船到桥头自然直in the end things mend /there’s always a way out

急功近利eager for instant success and quick profits

打黑扫黄crack down on gangland and pornography

德高望重of high ability and integrity

互利互补mutually complementary and beneficial

互谅互让mutual understanding and accommodation

遵纪守法observe the relevant code of conduct and the law


廉洁奉公honestly perform one’s official duties

环境绿化environmental greening

超前消费premature consumption/over-consume/excessive consumption

以强凌弱the strong domineering over the weak

以人为本people foremost/people-oriented


优势互补complement each other’s advantages

自主经营,自负盈亏make one’s own management decisions, take full responsibility for one’s own profits and losses


不进则退No progress simply means regression.


瞻前顾后over cautions and indecisive

源远流长have a long history

呕心沥血spare no efforts

画龙点睛bring out the crucial point

花天酒地go on the loose




中流砥柱mainstay, chief cornerstone

鱼米之乡a land of milk and honey

世外桃源a haven of peace

浩如烟海的文化典籍numerous volumes of literature